Marian Bogdan Tașcău knows as SHABDA is an Romanian singer, composer and music  producer.

He attended the keyboard section of People’s Art School in Bucharest and he is a graduated actor. At present, he attends the classes of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA) as a second year student, but he is obviously mainly focused on music. Both as a singer and as a manager or composer as well, Bogdan was lucky, finding the right solution to changing a song, a band or a musical project into a success.

In 1995, together with one of his best friends, Sorin, Bogdan initiated one of the first dance bands in Romania – MB&C. In 1996, MB&C released the first album of dance music in Romania (only one side of the tape, together with Isteria on the other side), Romanian Jungle and a year later he would participate in one of the most popular musical events of that period, Radio Contact Galas. The band released 3 albums between 1995 and 2000 and after that, Bogdan made his option for a solo career, under the name of Dl Problemă (“Mr. Problem”).

A very successful period followed again for Bogdan, who released, in the years 2001-2004, 3 albums. As a composer and manager, he collaborated with important voices of Romanian musical stage, like Andra or Alb Negru, and he is the composer and manager of the band Alb Negru, already at its third album.

In 2006, Bogdan’s composition activity was awarded with the Prize for Artistic Excellence offered by the Foundation Ion Voicu in Mamaia Festival, in the creation section, with the song Muza mea (“My Muse”), interpreted by his two good collaborators and friends, Andrei and Kamara (Alb Negru components).

In 2000 he founded his own record label named Code Production.

Currently he relaunched his career with new project ”Free DeeJays” together with Rareș Varniote.